Bracelets 2

Bracelets 2

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So, I made these based upon a Pinterest pin. They’re kind of addictive to make!

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Colorway for The Penny Farthing

So I play with fiber (knit, spin, a bit of crochet). I’m also a bit of a Nerd.

On Ravelry there is a Group dedicated to a wonderful indie dyer company called Nerd Girl Yarns. Christa, the proprietress and dye-mistress has many color series inspired by various entertainment fandoms such as Stargate, Firefly, Doctor Who, etc. Further, there are some dedicated to Science! (must be said loudly, one hand raised, finger pointing to the sky), Steampunk, Zombies, and other such nerd-like topics.

Recently there was a book discussion in the Rav group on Soulless by Gail Carriger. It’s a steampunk-styled mystery/romance novel incorporating werewolves, vampires, Proper Manners, and no small amount of humor. As with most mysteries, characters team up to solve the Issue At Hand. To appease her friend, the main character gives them each secret code names. Well, in our Rav group we decided to give ourselves similar undercover nom de plumes. Each new recruit was given their name by the most recent inductee. I was given The Penny Farthing.

Christa offered to make custom dyed yarns for each of us in the Nerdy Octopus Brigade (seriously, read Soulless, it will all make sense). To do so, we were to provide mood boards for color inspiration for our code names. We were to also select a yarn base. I am in love with the colors available by NGY, (there are so many! I want nearly all of them), but I don’t have a good understanding of the base yarn selections, I left that decision up to She Who Knows Best.

I came up with a storyline to go with my imagery, and this is it:

The Penny Farthing sounds much like a rated-PG Bond Villaness … but she is anything but! Well, she may have been anything but in her day. She’s one of the Grand Dames of the Sooper Seekrit Society. She’s had her day and is now there to guide the younger members along. She still has tricks up her sleeves and is often underestimated when she is brought back on duty. Mostly because of how scattered she appears (“You know, Dotty Aunt Penny!” some might snicker to help the maintain the image).

Penny is a little tattered around the edges, yet maintains that air of Old World elegance and Mystery. Where she was once shiny and new, her colors are patina’d. No matter how worn she looks, you still give her the respect she deserves.

Instead of the blinding white the young unmarried misses wear to the balls, she wears creams with perhaps a little bit of tea staining at the edges:

and Junior Penny Farthing (this image is great, but the owner doesn’t allow linking)

And the paint may be peeling a bit:

Instead of the shiny new penny (or farthing), she’s a little weathered. Maybe not so bright and perhaps the copper’s changing due to the inexorable march of time:

I like the juxtaposition of the copper green and warm orange brick. Though this green is a bit brighter than I imagine.

Perhaps one of these?

Penny keeps a safe in her house for safe cracking practice:

Which is similarly aged:

(I have to admit, I’m truly drawn to this warm silver!

However, I imagine in her day she may have appeared something quite similar to this:

and she may have truly ridden her namesake:

You definitely don’t need to choose all of the colors, just the idea of the worn around the edges feeling generated by them.

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what to knit next?


(I refuse to turn this into an “it’s been so long” post, but know that I am thinking it …)

I have a number of things on my needles …. and a bajillion things in my Rav queue. And I’ve knit a number of things since I last checked in here but out of guilt for not completing a certain project I have neglected to list my projects.

I’m in the middle of an Easy Baby Blanket, Cria, spinning (cotswold on 1 spindle, alpaca on another spindle, and the random wool that was part of my spinning wheel purchase).  I’ve knit a Ripley, … dammit, it feels like much more.  I will have to go look!  I know I”m in the middle of some basic vanilla socks, too.  I know I’ve done more … harumph.  Maybe I’ve been thinking about it more than doing?  No, I know I have some I can’t think of right now … oh, a version of Toast, a pair of Elf Clobbers … I think that’s pretty good. :)

Of course, none of them have photos.  So you will have to wait!

On another note, el Hubbo and I are struggling with the decisions to be made in taking care of our dog Baxter.  More on that later.


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Old Picture

yay - beer!

As I try to get the new laptop up to speed, I realize most of my pictures are on my other laptop … augH! but I found this picture on the camera from a birthday lunch last year.

Moving forward into 2011!

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January …

Hay-lo! I am going to try and write more on my blog. Perhaps even daily (gasp!).

I was lucky to be able to knit yesterday and today with great friends. They’re diverse, funny, welcoming, cranky, warm … and I love them.

And my friends you see in the image from the previous post? More friends that I was lucky enough to meet through work and maintain contact. They’re even more loved! :)

I have too many things on the needles, and the guilt over not completing them … well, it’s there.

But nonetheless the days need to move on and I have other things to do, like work. :) And that means going back to work tomorrow after taking last week off. I would like more time off, but I cannot. That’s fine, it’s time to get back to it.

But tonight I hope to finish a project I came up with a couple of days ago: a felted Dell Inspiron Mini cozy. Pictures will follow.

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My friends


Always in motion. I love them.

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Citron XIII

Citron XIII

Originally uploaded by aimless33

Trial of blogging the photos from Flickr …

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